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Scarlet blood runs in our veins.

Our blood runs thick. Our words stay true. Our honor drives us, and the Light guides us through darkness. We are Lordaeron’s last bastion. When our allies stood by idly as our Kingdom fell, we fought. When everyone abandoned the Kingdom, we stayed. We swore to protect our home. We faced evil, and lived to tell the tale.

Only the strongest carry the flame. Many great men and women fought and died along our side. Yet the flame still burns in our hearts, on our shields, and on our tabards. A sigil well known by many, and feared by our enemies. A sigil that shows great zeal. A mark that shows what it means to be unbroken.

We stood when no else would, but I would be blind if I filled my insight with disillusioned thoughts of grandeur. Our tale is filled with unspeakable truths, and rumors only dared spoken in hushed whispers. All of which are true. The killing of innocent people, turning on one another, torture, questioning our allies, but never doubting our faith.

When darkness came to us many fell to it’s torment. We were Lordaeron’s last hierarchy, and failed in many eyes. But no one could have known what evil we were truly faced with. Even the greatest of men could not prepare themselves for the death and destruction that was all around us. We were few against many, and evil had buried its claws deep. Corruption filled our lives. New policies were put in place. When in doubt, assume the worst. Our word was the judgement, and damnation of many including ourselves. We could trust no one, and killed many because of it. The hierarchy began to fall as quickly as lives were being taken by our very hands. Yet we stand. True and proud. We stand with honor. The Scarlet Crusade is a mere shadow of what it once was, but our fire still burns. Our blood runs Scarlet. Our oaths remain unbroken.

How can we stand with such pride? As if we are unsullied. Our Crusade untarnished. The answer is simple. We are knights. We are Lordaeron’s last bastion. We are the Light’s hand. We have rejoiced, and we have recognized the sins of our past. It is our duty to carry on, and here we stand ready to fight just as we did when the Scourge first destroyed our Kingdom. Darkness is the path that lays ahead, but we are not afraid. We have seen evil, and death has fallen in our wake. Our oaths, our loyalty, our pursuit will never be broken. So I ask you, what color does your blood run? Are you willing to carry the flame into darkness? The answer should be simple, if you have faith. The next chapter of the Scarlet Crusade begins with you.